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Resellers on .mw Registry

The upgrade from a 2R registry model to an EPP based 3R model importantly introduces multiple Registrars as access points for Registrants and Resellers to the Registry for registering and managing .mw domains based on upgraded policy

Malawi SDNP will no longer be the only Registrar for .mw domains. Registrants and Resellers are encouraged to recommend and/or sellect a Registrar of their choice. Once the registrar has been accredited, the domains will then be transferred to that Registrar in groups or batches.

In particular, Malawi SDNP has identified and is inviting the following organisation who have been resellers for .mw domains to apply for accreditation as Registrars.

: CSC-gobal : Netnames : INSTRA : MTL : Skyband : Globe-Internet
: iS-Fun Internet Services GmbH : XSP Systems : Malswitch : Lexsynergy
: Burco

If your domain was registered through an agent who is not listed above and you would like to continue with that Reseller or agent, please advise us so that we can invite the same to become a Registrar.

For a current list of accredited registrars and a list of those that have applied for accreditation please see: